Thanks for stopping by to check out my Shakespeare-inspired essays and verse for A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones.  My name is Lauren, and I’m happy to share a bit about myself:

  • I have loved Shakespeare since I was 10 years old.  I had a really good drama teacher who adapted the plays for children and made the stories come alive–ever since then, I have been writing and talking about Shakespeare!
  • I fell in love with Game of Thrones and, subsequently, A Song of Ice and Fire in great part because the story and characters are so reminiscent of the plays and characters in Shakespeare that I grew up with.  Writing GoT-inspired verse and comparative literature analysis of ASOIAF and Shakespeare are pursuits that I find deeply fulfilling.
  • In the “real” life, I am a musician, a therapist, and a US military veteran.



  • ASOIAF/GoT character – Brienne
  • Top 5 ASOIAF POVs – Catelyn, Brienne, Theon, Davos, Sansa
  • Shakespeare play – King Lear
  • Shakespeare characters – Falstaff, Cleopatra
  • Film Adaptations of Shakespeare – Romeo + Juliet (Luhrmann 1996), Macbeth (Kurzel 2015), Much Ado About Nothing (Branagh 1993), Titus (Taymore 1999)
  • Movies (in general) – Master and Commander and Amadeus
  • Books – Moby Dick, Geek Love, Return of the Native, The Road, A Thousand Acres

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.